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Beyond the Limit
Challenge, Travel, and Explore. Go beyond the limit to create your adventure.


SUPERACE - A life-changing multiday ultra marathon.

Taiwanese ultra marathon explorer Kevin Lin has promoted SUPERACE multi-day ultra marathon races” in Taiwan since 2012. SUPERACE is a 3-day trail marathon where participants/runners challenge, travel, and explore extreme terrains while writing their own adventures.

SUPERACE will lead runners away from the urban metropolis to unexplored nature and trails. We have divided our ultra-marathons into three categories which are: “Jungle Ultra,” “Desert Ultra,” and “Ancient Ultra”. Each race will be over 3 days and 2 nights, 100 km in distance. Participants will need to carry their own equipment and supplies during the race, while organizers will provide tents and hot water. Throughout the extreme race, runners will get to make lifelong friends with similar interests, explore new unchartered lands and nature, and experience a professional multi-day ultra-marathon while challenging oneself to go beyond the limit.


Equipment for the Extreme

At SUPERACE, we understand extreme sport requires extreme equipment. Having multitudes of experience running ultra marathons around the world, we know the importance of having the right equipment. Combining this experience with modern fashion, we have created our own Ultra marathon Sporting apparel and equipment line in 2016. We provide multiple design details to accommodate the needs of the modern runner. And select functional fabrics to handle extreme conditions providing the runners ultimate comfort over the entire ultra marathon day or night. SUPERACE aims to improve the runner’s journey by turning our experience into performance.


The Founder

Kevin Lin, a well Known ultra marathon runner and entrepreneur from Taipei, Taiwan. He is the first modern Asian athlete, who success crossing 7,500 km Sahara Desert, and 10,000 km of Silk Road.

“I had always wanted to provide athletes of all levels the same wonderful experiences I used to have in ultramarathons. Aside from experiences at events, SUPERACE athletic gear hopes to incorporate and creating from the user’s vision. Bringing more unique design elements, and also convey the concept of environmental protection that I have always been concerned about. I hope that SUPERACE can represent more than sports and dreams, but also give some helps to the lack of our earth resources.” --by Kevin Lin



”ADVANCE“ cause we dream big with no limits.
“LEADERSHIP” that we hope more people motiving together.
”PROTECTION“ means we concern both human and environment.



SUPERACE was founded from the original “SR Stage Race Ultramarathon” event. KEVINLIN’s wealth of experience in managing the relationships between ultra-marathon runners, and observations of runner lifestyles, resulted in the release of a functional lifestyle brand in 2016, by combining ultra-marathon experiences to establish the “SUPERACE” brand. SUPERACE holds the core values of “advance”, “leadership”, and “protection”; the slogan “Beyond the Limit” stems from experiences in ultra marathons that is the attitude of the freedom in advance oneself, pursuing dreams, and realizing a lifestyle.