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SUPERACE分层系统 Layering system


Some people say, wemen’s temper is as hard to understand as weather. Though we might not be able to help you on the women issue (sorry for that!) but we do have something for you to conquer the changeful weather.

 SUPERACE Layering System helps sports lovers to fit in all kinds of weather. With the right way of wearing, whatever the weather it is, you can always keep warm and stay dry, decrease the risk of losing temperture and getting a cold.

 The typical Three Layer System in outdoor clothing doesn’t indicate 3 cloths. It is a layering methodolody with 3 classifications: base, middle and outer layer. The benefit of it is the flexibility of matching. You can easily choose the items you needed when facing different weather, according to different intention and timing, instead of just picking the price. 




Layering System, Understand What to Wear in a Second


See the lables on the SUPERACE products? They are designed for your quick recognition of the layer every the specific product belongs to. White lable means base layer, blue lable means mid-layer and black lable means outer-layer.




Outer Layer


The outer layer is a critical protective layer, also known as the wind-proof/water-resistant layer.

SUPERACE works with Singtex, a company known for highly functional textiles to create an outer layer that uses high density triple layered technology to improve performance against wind and rain (the high-tech material 3L is made of a fabric layer, breathable water proof layer, and an outer protective layer). The fabric is resistant to wrinkles, tearing, and is highly durable. It will keep strong winds out, but also allow body sweat to evaporate to achieve true dry comfort.


外层-URBAN系列高端软壳跑步外套 外层-URBAN系列高端软壳跑步外套


▲ Outer Layer - URBAN SOFTSHELL RUNNING JACKET│full-functional design


The top of the front zip of the Urban Softshell Running Jacket is covered in case of rubbing. Zips are also set in the armpits for emitting heat and sweat. Proper amount of pockets are placed inside the jacket for iphone, coins or energy supplements. The hoodie can be removed or rolled up and sticked to the collar. Holes are also designed for MP3 wires.

In consider of the runners’ need, the triple layered fabric with excellent water resistance and breathability is exploited as the outer layer at the windward side; at the back and the armpit, S.Café® material is used for quick dry and odor control features.


保暖层 Mid Layer - 内刷毛保暖层跑步上衣


Mid Layer


The mid layer is the thermal layer that primarily utilizes the fabric’s feature of heat transfer to preserve warmth. SUPERACE’s fleece lined thermal layer uses Singtex’s S.Cafe functional fabric to create a product that can perfectly absorb sweat. The inner is lined with fleece to increase air in the layer and further increase thermal functionality. It is light, soft to the touch, and the optimal choice for consumers who enjoy adventures in light clothing.


保暖层 Mid Layer - 内刷毛保暖层跑步上衣




Mid Layer cloths are not necessary to be in the middle. You can also wear them outside. Running Sweatshirt uses four-way stretch fabric for better extensity, lighter weight. It is the perfect item for outdoor runners.


Primary Function: Maintain warmth, evaporate sweat, breathability, anti-static, comfortable to the touch.


内层 Base Layer


Base Layer


The base layer allows sweat to evaporate. Products that are great at absorbing sweat for evaporation keep the skin comfortable and dry. Fabrics that can speed up the absorption and evaporation process are used in many outdoors or atheletic clothing while its exceptional functionality in sweat evaporation can help your body maintain dry and comfortable during activities and improve performance. The SUPERACE fitted tech shirt also contains function such as anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and UV-resistant.




Differences Between Fitted and Tight


Those who have worn tight base layers know that residual sweat stays on the skin to help dissipate heat but the tightness of the fabric makes it hard to detect that sweat has not been completely absorbed. Although loose and fitted base layers only absorb sweat when the fabric comes in contact with your skin, heat can move freely between the fabric and your skin to make for an experience more comfortable than wearing tight base layers on hot days! 


ECO-lor®修身版机能上衣 ECO-lor®修身版机能上衣


Differences Between Tees and Cotton T-Shirts


Cotton soaks sweat easily, but it take time to get dry. So in winter time, cotton cloths soak out soon after sweating, keep stick on your skin and get you colder. So quick dry fabric is used as the base layer instead of cotton.


Primary Function: Absorb sweat, breathability, comfortable to the touch.



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