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Stephanie Kuo, the champion of the 2017 RUNNING BIJI Running Beauty Election, who also won the most votes over the years, was credited to have “Jolin’s face & fascinating long legs.” Outside the running field, Stephanie Kuo is actually a professional musician from a musical family. And she had performed around the world in the past 20 years.


郭珊如(珊珊) - 2017渣打馬拉松賽事



Her Way of Becoming Part of the Best Chinese musical Band


Insistence and Passion are the keys to both running and learning music, Stephanie said. With the master degree of Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University, plus her beauty and great talent, Stephanie received many performance and teaching invitations. But compare with the seniors in the field, she knew that she still needs a lot of practice to catch up with them. So she insists to practice 6 hours every day. Though her room was well sound isolated, she often got complaints from neighbors. By the time, she had an bold ambition, becoming a member of the best Chinese music band in Taiwan, which had only included less than 10 members in the past 10 years.


郭珊如(珊珊) - 國樂音樂家



Brace Up from Running, Brace Up from Failure


In order to achieve her goal, Stephanie went around and asked for the best tutorial for and strived for 6 years. When she got her failure after her 5th time election, she was so disappointed that she ran, on the river side, till she lost her breath, till she’s unable to distinguish her tears and sweat, and till the magical power of running diminished her sadness. She braced up again, and told herself, no matter how hard the process can be, no matter how depressing the results can be, you have to try and fight, ‘cuz the process of fighting is of most important, and the longer you insist, the closer you are to your goal!




Finally, the fruits are left for those who insist to the end to enjoy the accomplishment and happiness. Stephanie finally became a full-time member of the Taipei Chinese Orchestra.



Persistence Running Road


Stephanie was really moved when knowing that SUPERACE’s ideology of eco-friendly, and every of its garments are made of eco-friendly materials. On 28th of January this year, Stephanie put on SUPERACE’s Trail Running Tee in the Taipei Marathon. This was her second half-marathon. (The first one was in last year. She got the second place by the time!) And of course, Stephanie became the focus of photographers. She, at the end, finish the race in 1 hour 51 minutes. Stephanie kept praising about how comfortable and well-perform on sweat-wicked the running tee is. She totally felt the attentiveness of the designer onto the product, the users, and the land.


While musician is Stephanie’s career, practices and performances has to be her priorities. She has to give up races even when she is lucky to win the draw, for example, the Wwanjinshi Marathon and the Berlin Marathon, and the one-day race of the SUPERACE ultramarathon, Taiwan station. Pity though, she is not regret for what she choose. She remembered every race she missed in mind and determined to finish them all someday in the future. We believe, with the strong mind of Stephanie, she will definitely beat all the races!





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