From Ultramarathon Races to Brand Diversity


Kevin Lin, who is one of the very first human being crossing the Sahara Dessert, and also completed 10,000-kilometer run of the Silk Road, is one of the best known ultramarathon runner. He immediately devoted into the sports industry back in Taiwan after his accomplishments in sports field. In 2013, he held the first SUPERACE ultramarathon, Taiwan station, with more than 100 runners conquering the central mountain range up from more than 1,000m high down to dry-up riverbed; from ancient trail built in Japan ruling period to broad grassland and other secrete spots you’ve never noticed before. Runners from abroad came to join as well. This year, it was the 6th of the race, which place a milestone in the development of stage race in Taiwan.





One Piece for Both Running and Hanging Around

No wonder of the passion of Kevin’s to sports, not only on his thoughtful planning on races, but also runners gears. Considering the moisture weather in summer in Taiwan, TCool® cooling fabric is applied for its moister-wicking, anti-UV performances while featuring a cotton soft touch. The unique combination of these characters allows sport lovers to feel comfortable, confident and free no matter where they go, either to a gym or for a cup of coffee. 30 years of race experiences keeps him focus on the real needs of runners instead of following the trend irrationally.





Pick the Right One Apparel as You Summer Fashion.


Facing the more changeful weather in summer in recent years, TCool® cooling fabric can be the solution. Lower the temperature 2~5℃ than typical polyester. The effect will not decrease after time to washing due to its nano powder insertion technology. It also leverage the temperature by blocking the harmful infrared rays and UV rays outside. The quick-dry feature keeps you clean and clear all the time. While doing a laundry, simply get inside out and give the rest of the washing to the machine. Fairly fast and easy!


交叉肩帶式運動內衣 交叉肩帶式運動內衣




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