Every year in May, the Gobi challenge takes place. This year is the 13th Gobi Desert Challenge in Jiuquan, Gansu in China. Runners have to finish a 115km run in the Gobi Desert.

Gobi Desert Challenge

Gobi Desert Challenge is an experiential race for Asian EMBA members. Runners have to cross a 115km desert road where you can see sandy landscape, severe sunlight but no direction in 4 days. The altitude is 1500m high, and 40℃ in its temperature difference between day and night. For this enormous difference in temperature, wearing apparel with moisture-absorbing, sweat-wicking, breathable and cooling functions is important.




Also a Challenge of Running Gears

The well-known ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin led the team of NTU EMBA running in the desert, experiencing the crucial environment and facing the challenge of living. Long-term training was taken before the race in case of danger of life. No doubt, this is a challenge to both runners and gears. The NTU EMBA team selected the SUPERACE S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ TRAIL RUNNING TEE for the race.


Odor control: It applies grounded coffee in the production of the yarn for the deordorization feature. Anti-UV: It can also block harmful UVA and UVB

Keeping dry: the supreme sweat-absorbing, moisture-wicking functions help keep your body dry and give you great comfort during the long tough run.

Featuring design: the 4-way-stretch fabric allows ease in movement. The unique side pockets have you great convenience in supply.


林義傑 Kevin Lin


From Athlete to Entrepreneur, from Taiwan to Overseas

Kevin Lin has never thought of having a master degree before. Being an athlete was also against his parents’ expectation. “Sports are entertainment to my parents.” But now, Kevin has not only finished EMBA in NTU but also got ready to get another master degree in law in NCU. On his way of starting up, he figures out that the sport industry has little advance. Athletes are still having hard time finding proper training and funding. After all, they have little chance to compete with athletes from other countries.




International Brand in Support of Sports Industry

Year 2013, the first SUPERACE ultramarathon was raised in Taiwan. Following that, Inner Mongolia, Xinjian and Ankor Wat stations are also set to promote trail running and ultramarathon within Taiwan and also attract runners from abroad to compete altogether.

In 2016, SUPERACE the sports apparel brand was created. Integrating races and clothing products, thoughtful designs can be specify on the real need of athletes and runners to enhance the practicability and endurance in use. Depends on further observation from runners we approach, improvements and innovations are always involved in the making of the products.


腰間兩側彈性軟網袋,穩定方便且幫助即時快速補給 所採用的S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ環保冰咖啡紗系列,有效的異味控制,並提供冰涼觸感,吸濕排汗快乾,柔軟輕薄,親膚感極佳。







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