Long time ago when I was in track and field team, our running shorts are light-weighted and pretty breathable by its opened side-design. Since the fabric flutters in running, we nickname the shorts “fluttering shorts.”


When we were young still, we simply had another breathable underwear inside the “fluttering shorts.” While we ran on the 200m red running track, the shorts were like a wind pushing, feeling so free and delight. We ran 9’30’’ for 3000m tests. Time was the thing we only care about when we run by the time; but when we grow older, the exposure of underwear becomes another issue.



So, I revised the typical running shorts by including 7-inch-long leggings, which are super moisture-wicking. No matter how big you move, the 4-way-stretch fabric allows you to do whatever you want without revealing your underwear. Besides, the back pocket is supportive and pretty convenient for placing mobile, keys or other necessities in case of dropping or disturbing the movements.


I often see people wearing extra bag at their wrest for energy bar and supplies.

But, think about it, don’t you run for being delight and being cool? Having an extra bag not only increase you weight, but also increase 10 years old in appearance….



So the SUPERACE team designs a T-bar at two sides of your wrest for 2 energy bars, which is how much you need for a half-marathon. They relief your weight and also enhance your professional style.


Having a pair of “fluttering shorts” for running is important. Having one that does not reveal your underwear but improve your professional image is also important in the new fashion running era.


─ Kevin Lin (CEO& ultramarathoner)  2017.5.9






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