An innovative creation this year from the cross-country marathon brand SUPERACE: with the core idea of “over-turn and beyond”, the fall/winter brand new product line will be launched to turn-over the familiar image of SUPERACE, to turn-over the public’s existing impression of cross-country sportswear. Let cross-country and marathon not being limited only to “professional sports”, but becoming a fashion trend.


Over-turn Your Impression, Make Cross-country Different

Cross-country running has gradually become one of the most trendy sports today.  Cross-country running equipments, always in bright green or bright yellow, should begin to become more fashionable, to create a trend and changes, let professional runners to run in their own styles. “over-turn!”, this season’s SUPERACE new products break existing rules. Professional designed fabric, carefully selected hi-tech THOT fabric and double-layer waterproof, moisture permeable PU fabric, with a clear cutting, a simple and not cumbersome stunning. This creates a new look for cross-country running and marathons.


High-tech Fabric, Environmental Friendly Material

Knitting high-tech fibers with natural materials, a simplistic style based in a middle-tone. It is easy to mix-and-match, so that many runners wear them again and again.

For example, this season’s new style THOT functional cotton hood TEE, integrating hi-tech PET fibers with nano-sized powder, and blending natural cotton. This not only keeps warm in a cold weather, but also a one-way moisture directing effect - the sweat between the fabric and the body surface goes away, quickly evaporates through the fabric surface. This keeps the body dry, and effectively reduce the stickiness between the clothes and the skin. Whether it is for outdoor sports, the high performance and comfort let users run freely without worry; or for everyday wear, it can be easily mixed-and-matched showing your personality and style.


This season’s SUPERACE product series “over-turn and beyond” conveys a cross-country image, is hi-tech and comfortable, and last but not least, is stylish.

Stylish new style THOT hood TEE hi-tech blended cotton, comfortable and keep warm, one-way moisture directing without sweating nor stuffiness.



Who Said that We Can’t Have Both Waterproof and Breathable?

This lightweight, waterproof and breathable windbreaker, which has been a sold very well during the pre-sales period, is not only the most practical style in this season, but also made of a high-performance, lightweight fabric, and a fashionable design that is easy to mix-and-match. It is suitable to be worn in a city under the sun/rains, or in the mountain under alternate heats/colds as outdoor sportswear.

 A lightweight windbreaker series that is popular right after product launch. A gray general tone matching with red and white diagonal stripes, very sharp and good-looking.



Stop or Run Whenever You Want,  a Piece to be Carried Around

A part of the concept of this windbreaker continues SUPERACE's exclusive classic design - a foldable storage with a hooded design, as well as the inverted pocket around the waist. In addition, further adjustments are made according to the actual usage of the windbreaker - on the one hand, to keep important small items without interfering the movement in sports; on the other hand, the windbreaker can be kept in a half-a-palm-size pouch, with a tighten rope to be carried around by the runner, without the need of storage in a pocket, or to inconveniently hold it with their hands.


SUPERACE lightweight waterproof windbreaker can be easily stored as a palm-size pouch, tied to the hand, allowing runners to carry it around effortlessly.



From Competitions to Equipments, Further Completion of all Product Lines


SUPERACE has been organising international marathon competitions since many years. Two international competitions per year, which attract many local and foreign runners to take the challenge together. Combining the opinions of many runners, and the rich experience gained in various countries, various terrains and climates by the SUPERACE founder Lin Yijie - a fierce marathon runner, the material must be outstanding in moisture perspiration, as well as being carefully selected, durable, and lightweight; so as to provide an enjoyable, comfortable running experience to runners in long-hour runs.

SUPERACE has launched a new product line of professional equipment, including 37.5® PERFORMANCE quick-drying down sleeping bag, S.ADVANCE 25L ​​lightweight cross-country backpack, and 500ML cross-country soft water bottle. Immediately after launching, these many exclusive dedicated designs have raised the interests and inquiries of many running fans. This year, SUPERACE has further extended the product spectrum of marathon, cross-country equipment,  allowing runners to find products that meet their needs at one stop, without having to search elsewhere. SUPERACE has become one of the leading cross-country outdoor brands.


The super modle Candy Wang attended in the SUPERACE Ultra Race in Inner Mongolia in this September. She defeat the desert and beyond her limit in SUPERACE professional running gears.





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