“Good moring!” Lin Sin, wearing a CCDO uniform (Cambodian Community Dream Organization) greeted our colleagues from SUPERACE like old friends. This is their third time meeting in Cambodia.


The loud engine rumble of the tuk tuk carries 12 as it drives past the dusty cement road, swaying to and fro until we reach a rural home nearly 1 hour driving distance from downtown Siem Reap. The morning sun isn’t too vicious, and the well technicians have begun today’s work, searching for a water source. This year’s recipient of the third well is a family of 3 that lives in an elevated wooden house. Since we can’t converse in English, they quietly watch as I enter and smile shyly to greet me.


In order to ensure that well construction is successfully completed before sundown, the technicians don’t have any time for us. They’re busy flushing the pipes with columns of water and digging into the earth to locate clean water underground. As I have no concept of well construction, I used my phone to document some photos and videos while Kevin, experienced in these matters, described the step by step process and told us why certain steps were required…I guess this is a real case of converting passion into action! When there was a lull, I asked him why he had such a strong feeling about the water issue when he first came to Cambodia. “It’s because I realized that in a country not far away from us, there was such an urgent water resource crisis that had to be solved; water is a necessary part of life, especially critical for good health yet it’s so precious for Cambodians”. He saw the lack of water resources and how locals had to search for water outside the home and carry them in buckets; he saw that they faced immense risks to their health because they didn’t understand what type of water could be used for the human body. Three years ago, he invested in the 1 year 1 well project and used what little power he had to build wells for families. This year, more groups are assisting in the project. I see kindness between people slowly spreading in Cambodia.


“Protection” is one of the core values at SUPERACE and the reason why the “1 Year 1 Well Project” was begun. That day, I spent 8 hours at this family as a witness to the entire construction of the well, including how the yellow brownish water became transparent. I also followed the CCDO volunteer team to help teach local residents about water, a necessity in their life. I know that we give them more than just a single well, but a reeducation in life as to why we need clean water, how do we obtain clean water, and how do we maintain the well under pressure? Furthermore, I witnessed the new work opportunities this project brought for Cambodia. Eleven years ago, CCDO began building wells and restoration projects. They trained a professional team to help their fellow citizens find clean water sources and the charity donations from around the world each year allow the technicians to use this job to earn money and feed their families.

    As the world focuses on humankind’s needs from nature that is greatly exceeding the earth’s supply, there are some people who have yet to even gain that right. In Cambodia, a relatively less developed country, the team at SUPERACE is using these methods to protect people who need help.



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