│ Ultra-lead, Ultra-light! Wind and Water Proof Outer Layer │


Why does everyone need a thin wind-proof jacket/pant in the closet?


Practical! That’s the answer. They are light-weighted, windproof, and easy to bring around. Comparing to heavy rain coats and hard shell jackets, they are much more flexible in use. Running, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, or just riding a motor and getting around in the city, whatever you want to do, just this one single piece can bring you everywhere.


Cloudy or Rainy, Indoor or Outdoor


A short-sleeved t-shirt plus a windproof jacket is a common match for exercise. If the weather is changeful, have a pair of 2-in-1 waterproof shorts for your bottom.


But no matter which kind of sport you are doing, one condition must be reminded: the cloth keeps sticking on your skin due to the great amount of sweat. The moisture and sticky feeling can make you so uncomfortable that you just want to stop and get rid of it.


So, when choosing the windproof cloths, think more about the material. Except for basic features like windproof and DWR (Durable Water Repellent), light-weighted and sweat-wicked functions definitely offer you more smooth in motions and emotion!

How to Pick a Suitable Light-weighted Outerwear?


        Here are some criteria for us to check.


         │ Usage │

From mountaineering, hiking, scaling, cycling, running to trail running, windproof cloths is a must-have piece in many outdoor activities. Wind-block running cloths especially enhance the breathability by inserting nets or opening in certain parts (such as armholes,) and places of the pockets are customized as well, but they are still applicable to hiking, while hiking is like a slower version of running, and trail running is similar to faster hiking. When doing long duration outdoor activities like these, more complete protection is needed.


         │ Material │

         Windproof/water repellent breathable DWRDurable Water Repellent

Feature: Windproof, but breathable. It extends the time of penetration, and pretty extensive.

Pros: Breathable without keeping the heat inside. It’s more practical than unbreathable waterproof jackets.

Cons: Weaker in isolation in huge rain.



SUPERACE THot Heat Fabric

Most of the windproof cloths use nylon as their basic material. However, SUPERACE chooses THot fabric for specific products for better performance and practicality.

■  2-in-1 RUNNING SHORT 105g  ■


THot heat recycling system

It is able to synchronize the absorption of near and far infrared hollow fiber. It can also absorb body heat, keep warmth while being sweat- wicked at the same time.


The thickness of Yarn

This is what “Denier” indicates. The lower the number, the thinner the yarn. Generally, windblock fabrics are within 20-30 denier. It is suitable for long-wearing without getting too hot. If it’s too thick, it‘d be heavy as armor, and the plastic feeling creates loud noise while rubbing. THot fabric is 20 denier. It is light and perfect for trail runners or other outdoor athletes who do long-duration sports. The lighter weight the fabric is, the softer the sense of touch you got. But toughness is decreased as well.


         │ Technique │

The use of knitting technique, stitches and polymeric composite are important concerns too.

The thinner the windproof clothing, the more important is the technique exploited. While it cannot be stuck together, or adhered by hot-melt, like rain coats for enhancing the stitches, double or even triple stitch sewing is exploited. The more pieces of fabric put together, the more it has to rely on sewing technique for better firmness and drapping.


│ Details │

Hoodies, cuffs, collars, hems, zippers, pockets… all these details led you to see the real quality of the clothing. It is also the very last but not the least step for you to pick a suitable piece.


│ Size │

Fitted size is fairly basic in choosing. It means less fabric and lighter in weight, which led to better function in heat containing as well as quick dry.

Proper space between your skin and cloths keeps out cold air from interrupting the air circulation above your skin; however, the skin is still breathable and dry quickly due to the feature of the special fabric, which allows sweat evaporate sooner using the heat created by your body.

Besides, fitted size is better for you to act and move freely and easily, without being troubled by rocks or sticks when running in certain environment.


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