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Applying the technique of blending, TCool combines 51% cotton + 41% polyester + 8% spandex. Also includes nano powder into the thread which leads to the long-lasting cooling effect as well as sweat-wicking feature.



Moisture Absorbing & Quick Dry


The space between threads are widened due to its unique cross-shaped section. It leads to better permeability and quick dry.



Lasting-cooling Effect


From inside to the outside, TCool creates a complete cooling system that is capable of lower the temperature 2~5 Celsius degree. The cooling feature won’t be gotten rid of by times of wearing or washing.


Inner – Cooling Thread

By inserting nano cooling powder into the thread, the produced fabric owns the fearture of long-lasting cooling effect. Much different from those which


Outer - Block external heat

While producing a cool feeling, TCool's heat-reflecting mechanism shields infrared rays and harmful ultraviolet rays from outside, maintains the temperature between your skin and clothes, and simultaneously has a sun protection function.



The Difference between Typical Cool Apparels and TCool


Typical cooling apparels can be divided into two types by composition: synthetic fibers and hydrophilic materials. Their effects and ways of producing cool feelings are different:


│General Synthetic Fibers│

Using synthetic fibers to add ore particles to create a cool feel quickly. Therefore, wearing this kind of clothing in the air-conditioned room will feel cold. But it will quickly warm up after a few minutes, and it is difficult to maintain a long-lasting coolness, which is its main drawback.


│General hydrophilic material│

Mixing with hygroscopicity materials, such as cotton, rayon, etc., or hydrophilizing synthetic fibers for hydrophilization. Slow in cooling and warming up. Its main drawback is that it is not easy to dry after absorbing water.


│Characteristics of TCool material│

The advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of cool clothing are actually two sides, but they can't really meet our needs. TCool blends 51% cotton, 41% polyester fiber and 8% elastic fiber, and combines the mechanisms and advantages of both types of material to produce a long-lasting cool, moisture-absorbing, and quick-drying effect, keeping the body in perfect comfort.



Comfort of Cotton


The function of moisture absorption and perspiration allows you to wear during sports, the function of staple fiber cotton blending improves the texture of the system's natural cotton, while maintaining the characters of comfortable and soft cotton and leisure wear. Everyday casual occasions, in campuses, offices, cafes or other occasions do not have to worry about difficult to match. Or necessity of preparing another set of clothes.





TCool fabric retains the function and properties of natural materials with its blended proportion and fabric characteristics. Unlike conventional sweat fabrics made of artificial polyester fibers, TCool fabrics follows SUPERACE's insistence of eco-friendly.




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