Eco Friendly and

Sustainable Function Wear

SUPERACE focuses on every detail with the highest standard; however, having a comfortable experience with the product is one aspect while our insistence on high outdoor performance is also a massive focus. Therefore, SUPERACE has worked with major textile companies to develop professional high-tech materials while striving to establish a manufacturing process that protects the environment and is earth friendly so we can do our part for a sustainable environment.


SUPERACE has designed the most exquisite experience while having almost zero impact on the environment.








ECO-lor, the dope dye technology, is a green product developed with determination for sustainability which reduces a significant amount of energy consumption (48 %), carbon emission (44 %), and water usage (80%) during the production.


In its spinning process, some colored master batches are added to mix up with the regular polyester chips to produce ECO-lor yarn.








S.Café® Yarn

Ever imagine that the coffee we drink is transformed into the apparels we wear? Fascinating, isn’t it? Now, S. Café® technology turns our dream into reality. S. Café® technology, with a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process.


Odor control

S. Café® coffee grounds absorb odors your body produces throughout the day. Since the coffee grounds are embedded inside the S. Café® yarn, don’t worry about washing your S. Café® garments, this feature lasts much longer than you would expect!

Fast Drying

The key element to S.Café® technology! S.Café® continually moves moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric for faster drying process.

UV protection

S. Café® coffee grounds come with numerous microscopic pores, which create a long-lasting natural and chemical free shield for yarn or fiber, reflecting UV rays and provide a comfortable outdoor experience.






Ice-Cafe® core functions

ICE Cool Touch

Test method :ALAMBETA(KW/m2 Qmax minimum requirement: 0.42KW/m

S.Café ® ICE Café technology combines with multi-technology to enhance the water regain percentage of nylon6 to make ICE Café ® fabrics with comfortable and cool touch.


ICE Café® provides functions with ICE COOL TOUCH, Odor Control, UV Protection and Moisture Management at same time. ICE Café® will be the best choice for underwear and home-textile selection.



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