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The biggest difference between multi-day super marathon backpacks and standard outdoor backpacks is the fact that participants must be self-sufficient and carry 3-days’ worth of food and equipment to finish the race. If any external assistance is received during the race, participants will be disqualified. Hot water and dehydrated food are only available at CP stations as the event organizer will not provide any support with supplies! As this is the case, every bit of weight and volume of backpacks becomes even more important!


For single-day outdoor races, backpack capacities are mainly set around 10L while multi-day races are between 20-25L to fit all required equipment. Additionally, you can control weight within a range that’s suitable for the participant to avoid being the camel with a broken back! Using his experience, founder Kevin Lin designed the S.ADVANCE Lightweight Backpack that includes design details that make a great organization system.






The weight of a backpack is a key indicator. Generally speaking, equipment for a 3-day race often falls between 6-9 kg including the weight of the backpack. Lighter backpacks are naturally a gift for participants. S.ADVANCE Lightweight Backpack is much less than the weight of 1 kg at a mere 316 grams, leaving more room for other equipment and making it a great choice for entry level participants trying to get a grasp of things in multi-day races.


Convenient Gear Pockets

 Equipment in multi-day races include the categories of “food”, “clothing”, “sleep”, “safety”, and “other”. Multi-day races differ from single-day events in that they require nighttime equipment instead of just portable items. In order to allow participants to access items conveniently and comfortably, the pocket design of the backpack and strap system was carefully considered.

S.ADVANCE Lightweight Backpack has small zipper pockets on the straps to place energy capsules or other necessities during events. The two dynamic zipper packs at the waist can be selectively removed; the strap system allows participants to hang certain pieces of equipment outside the pack to allow for multiple uses.


Backside Adherence

The strap system can also be used to strap in the backpack. Adjusting strap length can center the weight of the backpack on your back to reduce movement that can disperse force when running. Buckles at the chest and waist allow optimal adjustments to further improve the backpack’s adherence to the back.


Additionally, when selecting backpacks, you should choose models with buckles at the chest and waist to guarantee that backpacks don’t slide off when extending your limbs or if the weight of the backpack shifts, impacting your application of force. Adjusting straps to the appropriate length with buckles can improve a backpack’s front to back coverage.


Packing Techniques

When packing equipment, it’s quite simple if you plan out the usage scenarios of each object:

Smartphone…checking in and posting throughout the journey, place in front pocket

Replenishments…also required throughout the journey, place in front pocket

Trekking pole…hang on the strap system on the side

Light windbreaker…this must be accessed quickly during sudden storms, why not pack it small into the mesh pocket at the back of the backpack

Sleeping mat…too big, just hang it below the backpack

If you have other items, place them within the backpack in plastic bags or Ziploc bags to prevent them from getting wet from sweat or rain.


Most backpacks on the market include a zipper opening at the top and require you to dig through the backpack when looking for items. If what you’re looking for is at the very bottom, it’s often a chore to dig through. The 270 degree triple access design of the S.ADVANCE Lightweight Backpack opens upwards like a suitcase so you can see everything and access them quickly without digging around.



If it’s your first time in a multi-day super marathon, finding a suitable backpack will ease your learning curve and let you enjoy this incredible journey; if you’re already experienced, a good backpack will further improve your game!



The most suitable equipment while goes camping in the wild or in a damp and cold environment with high altitude. Whether it is in a humid climate or after washing, the Fill-Power is not affected at all.

"37.5® PERFORMANCE DOWN BLENDS" is one of the world's three largest down materials in the current revolutionary functional down material. Revolutionary technical down blend combines the insulating qualities of down with reactive particles and coconut fiber, natural, no added chemicals, performance is not affected by the number of washing, more effective absorption and release of water vapor, to speed up the moisture absorption and drainage cycle, the release of moisture faster than the traditional feather 40%.

DWR waterproof surface, nylon based micro fiber fabric. In response to the external environment, providing excellent warmth and comfort in 0-10 degrees, the extreme temperature in the dry area can reach -2 degrees. The mummy-shaped bag is the most thermally efficient, as it seals your body tightly. Therefore it gives the most warmth for its fill, but it also has the least internal space. The entire circumference of the cap has an adjustable strap, which can be used to tighten the head to make it warmer.

* Big inner mesh bag with three fixed straps to stabilize the clothes, and make it dryer by your body heat.
* Zipper inner bag and elastic mesh bag for mobile phones, batteries or important items.
* The three-dimensional space design of bottom makes more space comfort.



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