Explore the world an Beyond the limit

Explore the world an Beyond the limit

Explore the world an Beyond the limit

Explore the world an Beyond the limit





SUPERACE is a include at least hundred kilometers in each race in 3 stages, Racing in SUPERACE, participants must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipment, food and personal equipment. There are Checkpoints(CP's)  between 10 and 15km apart with water and aid located at each one. Participants must follow the route as marked by the organizers. Every  competitors must pass and register at each CP, falling to do so will result in instant disqualification. Participants are challenged to go beyond the limit of their physical and mental endurance and harvest purest pleasures that running brings. 


The Less you explore, the less you know. Participants will find themselves immersed in ancient cultures and surrounded by indigenous wildlife and stunning scenery where few people have trodden. They will experience the different perspectives of the world with their own feet, work out their own philosophy and principle of livings, as well as make friends worldwide. Let's bright your life! Run your passion! Explore the world!


With the recent running hit, SUPERACE not only represents a race, but also an unrestricted attitude.
When you step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, you will see how amazing the world is.
Just be brave and be bold, let's do adventure with SUPERACE and beyond the limit together.


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2018 SUPERACE Ultramarathon Taiwan Participation Experience - II

At the venue of the celebration banquet, the organizing unit SUPERACE efficiently displayed the photos taken during the race, to let everyone recall the every step and every scene within these 3 days. I felt it was like a dream. Despite the physical soar and the very complex feeling of the 130 KM road trip, being able to complete the race without injury at the end was a sense of achievement and satisfaction. This was a biggest bliss in the hearts of all runners.

Pingtung, Taiwan
2018 SUPERACE Ultramarathon Taiwan Participation Experience - I

It has been a while since the 2018 SUPERACE is over, I still look at the photos taken during the race from time to time. My thoughts have returned to crossing the borders by running, the scenery along the run. I can’t forget how heart-touching it was when I finished the race.

Pingtung, Taiwan
SR-TRAIL 2-in-1 RUNNING SHORTS - a Review by Terry the Ultra Runner

The SR-Trail 2-in-1 Running Shorts are one of my favorite, most utilized and certainly most versatile pair of shorts in my closet. I've had them least May 2017, so about 16 months of use. They are different than pretty much every other pair of shorts that I've tried and in a fairly unique category in terms of performance sportswear.

Some Thoughts about Trail Running Tops ─ Jack Hsu

You have to know clearly about the term, the geography and the weather in the race, than pick your running tee or jersey accordingly. For instance, in which season does the race take place? What the range of the altitude the race course will pass through? How’s the situation of the course? Is it gonna rain? No matter what, the basic layer is a must. Here are some of the running tops I wear the most often...

Cheers, the Youth of Mine – 2016 Ultramarathon, Inner Mongolia Station - II

’’Cuz you’re destined to be here.” A staff responsible for collecting the flags told me. “There must be some connections between you and this land. The connection extends to this life and leads you here to have a look.” Is that my answer?

Wulan Buhe Desert, Inner Mongolia
Cheers, the Youth of Mine – 2016 Ultramarathon, Inner Mongolia Station - I

About ultramarathons, I take it this way: this is more than just running. This is self-finding and mind-digging activity in such a long distance and long period of time. Actually most of the time doing this is not delightful though, at the moment of finishing, all the pain, desperation, happiness along the way turn into satisfaction.

Wulan Buhe Desert, Inner Mongolia


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