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Date: September 5th – 8th, 2019 (Thu. – Sun.)

Location: Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China



Event Groups: Men’s/Women’s/Teams

Event Type:

◆     Each participant must carry mandatory equipment throughout the race, see “mandatory equipment list” for further details.

◆     Teams are limited to 3 members without gender restrictions.

◆     Teams must pass check points and the finish line together; completion time will be based on the final member to pass the finish line.

Event Distance: 115 km over 3 days

Highest Altitude:1230M / Minimum Altitude:1033M

Ascent:183M / Descent:61M

【Stage 1-- 45KM】:COT 10 Hrs、4 water stations

Dunhuang Industrial Park【Start】→ Nanquan Wetland(the ruins of Silk Roads → Tumen Pier Beacon → Shienzi → Xiangludun) → Erliban Gobi → Boluo Lake【CAMP】

【Stage 2-- 50KM】:COT 13 Hrs、4 water stations

Boluo Lake【Start】→ Gobi → Erdun Village【CAMP】

【Stage 3-- 20KM】:COT 4.5 Hrs、1 water stations

Erdun Village【Start】→ Lung Le Village【Finish】


Day 1:Volunteer services
Day 2:Volunteer services
Day 3:Race experience (20 km)

Volunteer Services

Replenishment Station(CP Station): Refill water for participants, boil hot water, verify names on lists
Camp Site: Assist in setting up tents, boil hot water, draw the finish line
Mobile Group: Tail trailing groups, recover road markers
Photography: Photographers at the starting and finish lines of the race
Medical Group: Holders of emergency rescue & physical therapy treatment licenses, etc.




【 ACCOMMODATION 】(provided by the organizer)





There are replenishment stations (CP Station) approximately every 10 km (6 miles) on the race course.

1At the replenishment station(CP Station), participants must:

  1. Register arrival time with on-site staff
  2. Replenish the required water (2 litres) for the next stage of the race
  3. Comply with changes in course as directed by on-site staff due uncontrollable circumstances such as: heavy rain, cold fronts, changes in terrain

2At the replenishment station(CP Station), participants must:

  1. Arrange time for resting according to individual physical conditions
  2. Use shaded cover provided at the replenishment station for rest
  3. Seek appropriate suggestions and treatment from medical staff within the station



1. The race event will use uniform standard time for records, please wear your bib number as those who have not will not be issued a record time.             

2. The final ranking of this event will be the total of results over 3 days; the event organizers will calculate uniform start times on all 3 days so participants must pay attention to start times to prevent impact to total individual results. Non-compliance to the event’s mandatory baggage and item restrictions may result in time added as punishment.

3. This event will issue trophies and certificates to the first 3 places of unrestricted age groups for men, women, and the first place (3 people) of the group event as encouragement.

Replenishment stations (CP stations) will be setup every 10 km to provide participants with pure drinking water. As actual distance may slightly differ due to terrain obstacles, participants must fill their drinking bottles or bring backup drinking water whenever passing through a CP station.



Airport: Dunhuang Airport (DNH), located 12.7 km from downtown Dunhuang

Hotel for Meetup: Lidu Guoji Hotel (or hotel of similar grade)

Pre-Race Detailing: September 5th, 2019 (Thursday) 17:00 PM in the hotel conference room

  • All participants not from Taiwan must report on-site due to consideration for mailing delays. The event organizer will provide the bib number and related items for foreign participants at the hotel on September 5th; foreign participants must pickup all items on-site.     
  • All items for the event will be mailed to the registered addresses of Taiwan-based participants 15 days before the event. Participants should bring those items to the event site and comply with the organizer’s signing of related files and equipment inspection procedures.



1.  You must take out and maintain your own insurance for any risks associated with the race, including personal travel insurance which covers your whole trip in the host Country. This must cover you fully against the costs of hospitalization, medical care and repatriation if you were not able to continue the race, including the cost of air or other forms of evacuation and or repatriation should sickness or injury necessitate such a course of action.

2.  The event routes are tough and high level, so runners with cardiovascular diseases are not suggested to attend the event. We specially remind you to evaluate your health and physical conditions on your own. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for obtaining and taking all necessary inoculations and medications (and have taken them in accordance with your doctor's instructions) relevant to the country in which the race is held . You also acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to carry your personal medications with you throughout the Race. Our medical staff will not be able to, nor will it be liable for failing to, supply personal medication during a race should a competitor fail to carry his or her own.

3.  On the right day of event:Please follow the staff’s guidance in terms of parking, check-in, warm-up and preparatory activities to make sure the event goes smoothly.

4.  The event will be held as scheduled unless works and classes are suspended due to storm warning and hurricane or the organizer announced to postpone the event. In case of event postpone due to fire, the paid entry fee will be refunded minus certain service charges and expenses.

5.  Participant engaging in the event shall promise that his physical conditions meet the requirements for the event. Any accident occurred during the race due to physical discomfort shall be the responsibility of the participant and is under no circumstances the responsibility of the organizer. Participants shall be willing to attend the race in line with the event regulations.

6.  The participants agree to authorize the organizer to take videos of them, also authorize organizer to use their photos for promote SUPERACE events on-line and off-line for publicity.

7.  If it is necessary to change the participant’s name list, please apply to the organizer before the deadline of registration.

8.  After the payment is finished, if participant who needs a refund applies to the organizer before the registration closed, 20% service charges will be subtracted, please cooperate with us.

9.  After the payment is finished, if participant who needs a refund applies to the organizer after the registration closed, 50% service charges will be subtracted, please cooperate with us.

10.  Participants have to consider about the flight schedule and how you can arrive at the specific location before your registration. If you can’t check-in on time, we have no obligation to refund to you.

11.  For issues not mentioned above, the organizer will revise and announce after the resolution at any time.

12.  In case of any questions, please contact the organizer

Phone:(02)2515-2266*302(Mon-Fri 09:30AM-17:30PM)

E-mail:[email protected]

Official LINE account ID:@superace

facebook fan page:







USD 1,100

Participant Pack:
※ SUPERACE race completion running tee
※ SUPERACE Dunhuang station badge
※ Bib number patch, pin, event manual

The race will provide:
※ Travel insurance
※ Drinking water during and after the race
※ Professional support team
※ Experienced medical staff
※ Tent and camp site lodging for 2 days(2019/9/6-7)
※ 2019/9/5,9/7 accomodations at Dunhuang Tianrun International Hotel. Twin rooms provided (arranged by the organization)

Race Completion Awards:
※ Race completion medal (requires completion of race)
※ Race completion certificate
※ Post race celebratory banquet (dinner)

Not Included
※ Flights
※ Any food and drink other than water provided whilst in camps or at check-points
※ Equipment - see equipment list for full kit requirements
※ Any additional hotel stays


USD 600

Volunteer Pack:
※ SUPERACE race completion running tee
※ SUPERACE Dunhuang station badge
※ Event manual

The race will provide:
※ Travel insurance
※ Drinking water during and after the race
※ Professional support team
※ Experienced medical staff
※ Tent and camp site lodging for 2 days(2019/9/6-7)
※ Experience of the race for 20km on 9/8
※ 2019/9/5,9/7 accomodations at Dunhuang Tianrun International Hotel. Twin rooms provided(arranged by the organization)

Race Completion Awards:
※ Race completion certificate
※ Post race celebratory banquet (dinner)

Not Included
※ Flights
※ Any food and drink other than water provided whilst in camps or at check-points
※ Equipment - see equipment list for full kit requirements
※ Any additional hotel stays




Official Cooperate Agent:   

Period: 4th – 11th September 2019





Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport → Xi'an Xianyang International Airport → Dunhuang Airport → Hotel

Breakfast: home / Lunch: home / Dinner: self-prepared

Accommodation: Lidu Guoji Hotel

10:30 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport



Hotel at the Dunhuang City

Breakfast: hotel / Lunch: self-prepared / Dinner: self-prepared

Accommodation: Lidu Guoji Hotel

13:00 – 20:00  Check-in for SUPERACE & Equipment Check

17:00 – 18:00  Briefing Session


Stage Race

Hotel → SUPERACE DAY 1 Start Point → DAY 1 Camp

Meals: self-prepared

Accommodation: Camp

05:10 – 05:25  Package drop-off

05:30  Taking shuttle bus

06:30  Opening ceremony

07:00  DAY 1 Race starts

17:00  DAY 1 Closing time


SUPERACE DAY 2 Start Point → DAY 2 Camp

Meals: self-prepared

Accommodation: Camp

05:00  DAY 2 Race starts

18:00  DAY 2 Closing time


SUPERACE DAY 3 Start Point → Finish Line → Hotel

Breakfast: self-prepared / Lunch: local cuisine / Dinner: celebration banquet

Accommodation: Lidu Guoji Hotel

06:30  DAY 3 Race starts

11:00  DAY 3 Closing time

11:30  Back to the hotel

18:00  Celebration banquet & Award ceremony



Hotel → Mogao Caves → Lunch → Crescent Lake, Singing Sand Dunes

Breakfast: hotel / Lunch: Jingyuan Lamb Restaurant / Dinner: Dunhuang Night Market

Accommodation: Lidu Guoji Hotel

08:30 – 12:00  Mogao Caves

12:00 – 13:00  Lunch

13:30 – 17:00  Crescent Lake, Singing Sand Dunes


Hotel → Dunhuang Museun → Lunch → Dunhuang Airport → Xi'an Xianyang International Airport

Breakfast: Hotel / Lunch: Shunzhang Huang Noodle Restaurant / Dinner: self-prepared

Accommodation: Regal Airport Hotel Xi'an

09:30 – 11:30  Dunhuang Museun

11:30 – 12:30  Lunch



Xi'an Xianyang International Airport → Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Breakfast: Hotel / Lunch: on the flight / Dinner: self-prepared

Accommodation: home

08:30  Flight takes-off

12:00  Arrive Taiwan


Complete Information:


Q1. What is a Ultra Marathon Stage Race Event?

SUPERACE Ultra Marathon Stage Race is a concept created by extreme terrain explorer Kevin Lin who has participated in extreme marathons over many years. In an event totaling more than 100 km over 3 days and 2 nights, participants must carry their own food and water throughout the journey and make choices based on speed and stamina. The race is a challenge against wild terrain, animals, drinking water, weather, time, depleting stamina, and speed where difficult decisions must be made. Participants can also experience local tourism culture.


Q2. What is Self-carry and Self-replenishment?

Throughout the course, participants must carry their own food (prepare a minimum of 7 meals, we suggest buying dried rice packets), water, sleeping bags, change of clothes, and the event’s mandatory equipment. Backpacks have an average weight of 8-10 kg (including water). The event organizer carefully inspects each participant’s equipment before each race and if violations are found, participants must purchase additional equipment locally. The event only provides camp sites, water, hot water, and tents to participants at CP stations (approximately 1 every 10 km). Participants who violate rules will be punished with additional time or disqualification.


Q3 What is the Race Format of SUPERACE DUNHUANG?

Dunhuang Station is a 111 km race over 3 days and 2 nights. All participants begin the race together each day and time is stopped when they reach the finish line of that day. Participants may rest and recover at the camp site before the next stage begins. During the race, camp sites will be setup for 2 nights with the distance of day 1 and day 2 being between 45-55 km. Day 3 is the shortest, approximately 15-20 km; distance total over 3 days is more than 100 km.


Q4 What Types of Athletes Have Participated in SUPERACE Ultra Marathon Stage Race in the Past?

Participants of previous ultra marathon events mostly have full-time jobs and hail from various industries. SUPERACE does not place occupational restrictions or other requirements on race participants; this event is an international ultra marathon stage race and each race contains elite atheletes from various countries (China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the U.S.) with 80% male and 20% female.


Q5 How Many Days are Required for Participating in the Dunhuang Event?

The event lasts 3 days and 2 nights. Participants often arrive on the day or one day prior to the detailing event (September 4 or 5) and leave at any time after the race has concluded. We suggest participating in the banquet and award ceremony on day 3 of the race and leave the following day. You may also arrange for additional days of travel time to acclimate yourself to the local environment.


Q6 I’m not Fully Confident that I”ll be Able to Run More than 100 km, will I Have the Opportunity to Reach the Finish Line Before Closing?

The 3 day race has arranged for sufficient time before closing each day. Generally speaking, if there are no injuries most participants complete the race via running and walking. The route at Dunhuang Station is easily runnable as long as you maintain good physical condition, the chances of finishing the race is high.


Q7 Does the Race Provides Corresponding Medical Facilities?

During the race, CP stations will include medical staff and professional medical volunteers so that participants can seek medical assistance at the CP station or camp site. Be aware that this race is a self-sufficient, self-supported event so each participant must carry a first aid kid throughout the race (this is mandatory equipment).


Q8 What is Mandatory Equipment During the Race?

Participants of the race must carry all mandatory equipment including food, water, and sleeping bags. For a detailed list of mandatory equipment, check the event page or information on the ultra marathon for complete information.


Q9 What is the Average Weight of Backpacks Carried by Past Participants?

Most participants carry backpacks between 8-10 kg (including water) when completely full. Be aware that backpack weight will gradually decrease according to food intake.


Q10 What are the Special Internet Restrictions at the Site of the Event?

Due to internet restrictions in China, websites and social media services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LINE cannot be accessed. We suggest applying for data roaming.


Q11 If I’d Like to Travel Locally Before or After the Race, Can You Assist Me with Arrangements?

EZ GO TOUR is the official travel agency partner of SUPERACE. If you have any travel or accommodation requirements outside of the race, please contact Lin Qi-yi, marketing & planning at EZ GO TOUR TEL:03-368-8889/LINE:@jlv9306d/WeChat kiwi0224

●  SUPERACE Ultra Marathon Stage Race, DUNHUANG Station │ Traveling Package │


Q12 How Can I Get to Dunhuang? What's the Way of Transportation?

  1. Travel by airplane or train to the event gathering site at Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China.
  2. There are direct flights to “Dunhuang Airport” (IATA: DNH, ICAO: ZLDH) from Beijing, Xian, Lanzhou, Urumqi, and Shanghai, the next nearest airport is “Jiayuguan Airport” (IATA: JGM; ICAO: ZLJQ) (390 km from Dunhuang City).
  3. There are trains to “Dunhuang Train Station” (11 km from downtown Dunhuang) from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, and Lanzhou, the next nearest station is “Liuyuan Station” (120 km from Dunhuang City).
  4. The gathering location for the event is Lidu Guoji Hotel, approximately 20 minutes by car from Dunhuang Airport. (You may take a taxi after exiting the airport)