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SUPERACE Keeps the Value of Protection
A Water Well a Year Project 2nd


Last December, SUPERACE led our ultramarathon runners to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. When our feet stepped on the earth, we felt the place and the people by heart. This year, we are going to keep our value of protection. So we come back to Siem Reap, build one more well, and keep the wishes going on. Dreams are the sources of happiness when we not just take them as dreams, but we take actions.


The happy family supported with a water well

▲ The happy family supported with a water well


People talk about happiness. We come up with our definition under materialism while we are relatively rich in Taiwan. However, for families that earn less than 2 USD per day, their happiness means simply having clean water to use. While it sounds so easy for us, it’s a luxurious dream for them. In our A Water Well an Year project, races and charity are combined and documented into films to call for more attention. We bring the real situation in rural places to the face of the public, tell people that, wells bring not only clean water, but hope and changes in education and economy.

getting water from else where


cooking with self-chopped firewood

▲ Even the elderlies have to go get water and chop firewood.


Volition of Ultramarathon, Sprit of Protection


The core values of SUPERACE are “Protection,”” Leadership” and “Advance”. “Protection” means caring for both people and environment. When runners show their willpower in tough conditions, they’re experiencing the real life of the locals. Chris, the Brand Event Manager of SUPERACE, said, “We’ve noticed this issue for long, but it’s no more than an imagination before we truly come to the place and experience their real lives. Inconveniency is just how they live.”

a CCDO partner is building a water-well

a CCDO partner is building a water-well

▲The CCDO partner is building a water-well for the household.


SUPERACE Plus CCDO, Double Power We Showed


While the residents have been used to the poor condition, most of them don’t even consider about the quality of the water they use. With the help of CCDO (Cambodian Community Dream Organization), water wells are finally built at the most suitable locations, satisfy the most-needed with the best efficiency. At the end, we taught them the usage of water filter, in hope of bringing in the knowledge. Leangseng, a partner of CCDO, said, offering clean water is definitely not enough if we want to improve the situation. We must make a change from the very basic: the education.

a CCDO partner is teaching the supported family how to get clean water from a filter

▲A CCDO partner is teaching the supported family how to get clean water from a filter.


SUPERACE Insists in Our Value and Takes Actions

More and more businesses and individuals have been joining us and helping the families in need. The families don’t have to worry about their water resource, nor do they have to sacrifice their right of education and work for getting water from faraway places anymore. We built the 1102th water-well last year, and the 1167th this year. The number 65, means more water-well this year and stronger power of change collected. With this power, SUPERACE keeps holding our dreams and taking actions in our 3 international ultramarathon races: SUPERACE in Taiwan, Inner Mongolia/ Xinjiang and Angkor Wat. We will present our A Water Well an Year project documentary in our Water&Education For Child 2018 event. And we give our special thank to Formosa Copper Alloy, Inc. (賢和興業有限公司) for supporting the project in these two years. Changing the world is not easy. But we believe, with the help of more and more people, the world will get better and happier, because of you and me.


a self-contained lady smailing

▲ The smile for being self-contained.

a group photo with the residents and CCDO partners

▲ A group photo with the residents and CCDO partners after the water-well construction.






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