Flowing Water Protects Children’s Smiles

Interview Ambassador Learns the Thoughts of Local Children

They strive to earn their own happiness when faced with a life that is unkind. While meager, what I can give them is a fraction of what they need on their path to happiness.

A Year A Well Project ‧ My Observations

Seeing what SUPERACE is up to from interviewer Chi Chi

As the world focuses on humankind’s needs from nature that is greatly exceeding the earth’s supply, there are some people who have yet to even gain that right. In Cambodia, a relatively less developed country, the team at SUPERACE is using these methods to protect people who need help.

Challenging the Temple of Super Marathons in 246 km

Lai Guo-yang’s Sparthalon Experience

SUPERACE Fall/Winter New Product Launch

"Over-turn & Beyond" Cross-country Running Fashion

Supermodel Candy Wang Challenges Inner Mongolia SUPERACE Ultra

“I want to run with my feet to environments on Earth where I have never been to. I also run for the social cause of global water shortage. I hope to spread the message of endangered water sources to the world.”

SUPERACE x Pernod Ricard Devote in A Water Well a Year Project Together

“There’s a start to everything.” When we step onto their drying land, we might be able to change

Non-stop Passion On the Way of Branding

SUPERACE Brand Executive – Cheng Chia Chia

“Design is for Solving Problems.” Creating a New Sports Brand Idea for the Era and Leading to Brand to the World Stage!

Trail Running Skills – On Spot Tutorial

“SUPERACE Trail Running Camp” held several days ago invited professional trail runners to lead the trail run beginners into the mountain and tell us some important skills of trail running.

A Story about the Design of SUPERACE2-in-1 Running Shorts

─ Kevin Lin (CEO& ultramarathoner)

When I was in track and field team, our running shorts are light-weighted and pretty breathable by its opened side-design. Since the fabric flutters in running, we nickname the shorts “fluttering shorts.”

NTU EMBA Join Gobi Desert Challenge with SUPERACE Running Gears On

The well-known ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin led the team of NTU EMBA running in the desert, experiencing the crucial environment and facing the challenge of living.