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SUPERACE x Pernod Ricard Devote in A Water Well a Year Project Together

“There’s a start to everything.” When we step onto their drying land, we might be able to change

Non-stop Passion On the Way of Branding

SUPERACE Brand Executive – Cheng Chia Chia

“Design is for Solving Problems.” Creating a New Sports Brand Idea for the Era and Leading to Brand to the World Stage!

Trail Running Skills – On Spot Tutorial

“SUPERACE Trail Running Camp” held several days ago invited professional trail runners to lead the trail run beginners into the mountain and tell us some important skills of trail running.

A Story about the Design of SUPERACE2-in-1 Running Shorts

─ Kevin Lin (CEO& ultramarathoner)

When I was in track and field team, our running shorts are light-weighted and pretty breathable by its opened side-design. Since the fabric flutters in running, we nickname the shorts “fluttering shorts.”

NTU EMBA Join Gobi Desert Challenge with SUPERACE Running Gears On

The well-known ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin led the team of NTU EMBA running in the desert, experiencing the crucial environment and facing the challenge of living.

Focus on Making One Good Thing Right – Kevin Lin

Driving Taiwan Brand Overseas

Kevin Lin, who is one of the very first human being crossing the Sahara Dessert, and also completed 10,000-kilometer run of the Silk Road, is one of the best known ultramarathon runner. He immediately devoted into the sports industry back in Taiwan after his accomplishments in sports field.

Brand Ambassador - Terry J. Benzie

“The desert is alive! You can feel it while running.” He said, with his eyes blinking.
This is Terry J. Benzie, a superior runner as well as an experienced attendant of SUPERACE ultramarathon.

35 Amazing Health Benefits of Running, According to Science (Part 1)

Running is different from jogging in that it requires more effort from the heart, muscles, and lungs. Running requires an individual to be at a higher level of fitness and burns more calories.

The Super Mario of Ultramarathon — Mario Lee

His 11th year of running, it’d been the 3rd time to attend the SUPERACE ultramarathon, Taiwan station. He has joined also Spartan Races, road bike races, triathlon races, etc. Sports lover, enthusiasm who is addicted to training, passionate in challenging, just like a real version of the Super Mario bros.

Greater Accomplishment by Accomplishing Others - Sun Guo Xin

Sun Guo Xin, nicknamed “ultra-warrior,” was a soldier. Now he’s not only a famous runner, professional runner, but also a popular trainer who found the “Tiny Workshop” and coaching other passionate runners.