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”the Fastest CEO” ─ Sean Wang

Brand Ambassador │ Sean Wang is the CEO of Amnet, under the media corporation Dentsu Aegist Network. ” I used to operate a street stand and being chased after cops. Maybe that’s the start of my running life.” He jokes about it.


During the 3-day, 130km race, you had ran through the high ridges, trails and rivers, and even crossed the Central Mountain Range.
Though the routes of yours are the same, the feelings you got might be different. Whether you were there with a goal in mind to reach, to break though, or because of a deal you made with someone important to you, congratulations, for defeating the challenge! After all the pain and struggle, the brightest smiles, the most real love and friendships are the greatest rewards.
Let’s run forward now! More dreams and adventures are waiting ahead. Let's go beyond the limit!!!

Thomas Chung ─ Insist till Reaching the Goal

Brand Ambassador │ After starting to exercise, he becomes healthier, more energetic and more persistent.

Leading the Runners to Explore the Beauty of Southern Taiwan

“Explore the great beauty of the southern Formosa, Taiwan! “ Kevin Lin, the famous Taiwan ultramarathon runner, has held ultramarathon races in Pingtung for the continuous 6 years. It lasts for 3 days, 130km in total in distance. This time, together with the deputy mayor of Pingtung, he shot the starting gun in the last day of the race, and called for more and more people to explore the beauty of Pingtung with their own foot.

Have the Attitude before Having the Shape

How to add on functions for better performance while be on the top of fashion? That is what athletes are looking for, and the reason why SUPERACE is here for you.

Winter Dress Code: SUPERACE Layering System

SUPERACE Layering System helps sports lovers to fit in all kinds of weather.

SUPERACE Receive Golden Pin Design Award 2017

The S.Café®RUNNING SWEAT JKT was given the precious Golden Pin Design Award 2017, announcing a brand new lifestyle for better living.

Keeping Dry is More Important than Keeping Warm in Winter

A Water Well a Year Project 2nd

SUPERACE Keeps the Value of Protection

This year, SUPERACE are going to keep our value of protection. So we come back to Siem Reap, build one more well, and keep the wishes going on. Dreams are the sources of happiness when we not just take them as dreams, but we take actions.

Are you harassed by smell

When colleagues in the workplace or on the tram have unpleasant smells, but unconsciously, people use a special adjective to describe the situation: "ス ハ ハ ラ" means "smell harassment."