Are you harassed by smell

When colleagues in the workplace or on the tram have unpleasant smells, but unconsciously, people use a special adjective to describe the situation: "ス ハ ハ ラ" means "smell harassment."

2018 SUPERACE Taiwan Station - Great news for the ITRA & UTMB certification

SUPERACE Taiwan Station is the beginner station of brand event series. Since the first SUPERACE Taiwan Station built up in 2013, it upholds the spirit and obligation to lead runners of ultra- marathon to explore South Taiwan. Within 134 KM during 3 days, crossing the mountains and rivers, all destinations are the campsite in the mountains and by the sea. Runners will challenge the diverse terrain of the coastline, from altitude over 1,000 meters above sea level to the dry flat seabed, where birds and sea breeze will accompany the runners to experience the many different looks of Taiwan. We run therefore we are. Let’s beyond the limit together.

SUPERACE to Sharp stone town do Public Welfare

SUPERACE brand team had visited a remote mini school, students are almost all aborigines. They have the talent of sports, but because of the gap between urban and rural areas, in the education resources and hardware equipment on the lack of shortage.

Create sports brand

Reprinted Apple Daily

Reprinted Apple Daily
This five-year sports and marathon flourished, with more than 500 events a year in North, Central and South simultaneously. Asphalt road has been unable to meet the jogging enthusiasts, turn attention to trail running pursuit of high strength endurance limit.

How To Trail Run?

Marathon is the starting point of the runners, and trail marathon is the destination of runners
People who have trail marathon experience, it is difficult to return to the running of the road,why?

She is 20 years old,


"Somebody asked me why I could hold the triathlon for so long, I am now 20 years old but have been in contact for 10 years.


響應國際組織water.org基金會路跑活動 邀您一起珍惜水資源

Invite you to cherish water resources together

Global extreme climate change has created different types of flooding in various places,
The joint also affected the distribution of water resources on which human beings were born.

Winter sports so warm and want to run well

Winter to run out to worry about wearing too much to run easily hot, wear too little afraid of the cold, in the end how to wear winter training in order to let

Keep the body temperature, dry and comfortable, but also reduce the risk of loss of temperature, cold.

Old man adventure 3 days 2 nights 134 km Polar marathon


After exercise, the body becomes better, the mind is clear, the body becomes better, the mood becomes better, the self-confidence increases, the personnel is better, the fate of life, so begins to change.
Do you believe?



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