SUPERACE Privacy Policy

We put the highest importance in your privacy. Please read our privacy policy below for more detail.



  1. How SUPERACE uses your personal information
    This policy encompasses details including: How SUPERACE collects personal data (includes the historical data of your past SUPERACE products and services used). Personal data includes private data that can be used to identify you, such as your name, address, e-mail, or phone number.

  2. This privacy policy pertains solely to SUPERACE
    This policy cannot be applied to companies that are not under the control of SUPERACE or subsidiaries; the policy also cannot be applied to employees or managers of SUPERACE.

  3. Data collection and using SUPERACE
    When you register an account at SUPERACE or use any of our products and services, browse SUPERACE or our partner’s web pages, participate in promotions or prize events, SUPERACE will collect your personal information. SUPERACE may also combine your personal information with data provided about you from our business partners or other companies.

    When you register at SUPERACE, we ask for information such as your name, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, and postal code. When you use specific services, we may also ask for your address, ID card number, and information relating to your assets. When you register for an account at SUPERACE and login to our services, we can verify your identity. You can freely choose to provide us with personal information, but you will not be able to use products and services relating to SUPERACE if you do not provide information for specific required fields.

    SUPERACE collects transaction data that you have with SUPERACE and our business partners, including your data when you use our services at SUPERACE.

    SUPERACE also automatically collects and records your computer and browser data, including your IP address, data from SUPERACE cookies, software and hardware data, and your browsing history.

    When you use SUPERACE products and services, SUPERACE may use this data globally for the purposes below: customized advertisements and the webpage content you see, satisfy your demands for products and services, improve our service, contact you, conduct research, and provide internal or external clients market analysis data or business reports that do not contain personal information.

    SUPERACE collects, processes, and utilizes personal information for the specific purposes listed below: marketing operations, consumer and client management and services, communication services, online retail and other e-commerce services, advertising and commercial activity management operations and other contracts, pseudo contracts, or legal relations management tasks or operations.

  4. Sharing and Revealing Information
    SUPERACE will not provide or share your personal data with any individual or unrelated commercial enterprises without your express authorization unless it is to provide you with requested products or services, or in the circumstances below:

    • We may provide this data to SUPERACE staff or our trusted partners that have signed a confidentiality agreement. These companies may use your personal information to assist SUPERACE or our marketing partners to contact you in order to provide products and services; however, these companies do not have independent authority to share this information.

    • We provide this information for legal summons, judicial orders, respond to legal procedures, obtain or exercise legal rights, or as defense against claims in litigation.

    • When we feel it is necessary to share your personal information to investigate and prevent illegal activity, suspected fraud, potential risk to personal safety, and violation or the SUPERACE Terms of Service. In the instances above or legal obligations, we will take appropriate measures.

    • If all of SUPERACE or a portion of the business is acquired or merged with other businesses, we will transfer your personal data to the other business. In these circumstances, SUPERACE will provide you with prior notice of the impending transfer of your personal information and provide you with a new and appropriate privacy policy.

  5. Cookies
    SUPERACE will setup and save SUPERACE Cookies on your personal computer.

    SUPERACE allows advertisements on certain SUPERACE web pages to save cookies on your personal computer. Other companies will refer to their customized privacy policies when using Cookies instead of this privacy policy. Advertisers or other companies cannot save SUPERACE cookies.

    SUPERACE may add marketing messages in new categories in the marketing preference settings page without notice. Users who browse this page can choose to refuse marketing messages in new categories, or follow the instructions on the page to unsubscribe to these messages.

    We reserve the right to send you specific information in relation to SUPERACE services (such as service announcements, management messages). These messages are viewed as a part of your SUPERACE account and you cannot choose to refuse them.

    If you would like to delete your SUPERACE account, please contact us.

  6. Confidentiality and Security
    We will restrict SUPERACE staff with the right to access your personal data to employees that we have reason to believe must access your personal information to provide products, services, or to complete work related tasks.

    We have taken measures that adhere to legal regulations in physical, electronic, and procedural protection measures to protect the security of your personal information.

    Find out more about security, including security measures that we have in place and that you can put into place.

  7. Amendments to the Privacy Policy
    SUPERACE reserves the right to make amendments to the privacy policy at any time. When we have a major change in the way we process personal information, we will notify you via e-mail as designated in your SUPERACE account, or we will release a public announcement on our website.

  8. Data access and deletion
    • Members can view the authorized name and email information on the member account of the website at any time, and only serve as the content of store members and order information.
    • In accordance with the request of the member, you can contact us through the mailbox to request the deletion or stop of the use of the personal data. For related requirements, please write to: [email protected]


Terms of Use

  1. Member account, password, and security
    After registering for this service, members will receive a specific password and account name. Maintaining the security of the password and account is the responsibility of the member. Any time your account name and password are entered through regulated methods it is viewed as member access, regardless of whether the account holder entered the information. All actions conducted after account information has been entered will be the sole responsibility of the account holder.

    Members agree to the terms below:
    If a member’s password or account has been compromised or any security issues occur, members must contact SUPERACE immediately.
    Each time the connection is complete, use of the member’s account is ended.
    Member accounts, password, and member rights are for the sole use of the member. They cannot be transferred, borrowed out, or used with others.
    SUPERACE is not liable for damages incurred due to account compromise, improper use, or other actions that occur when SUPERACE cannot verify whether they are by the member unless they can be identified as the responsibility of SUPERACE.
    SUPERACE will immediately suspend the use of any account found to be compromised or used by other individuals (includes the processing of all transactions).

  2. Child Privacy
    Parents (or guardians) should fulfill the following obligations to ensure safe internet usage by children and adolescents and prevent violations to personal privacy: children under the age of 12 should be accompanied when using this service; adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 should receive permission before using this service.

  3. Protection of Intellectual Property
    Software or programs used by SUPERACE, all content on the website including but not limited to copyright, images, files, information, data, website structure, website layout, website and website design are all legally owned intellectual property of SUPERACE or other stakeholders. This includes but is not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, trade secrets, and proprietary technology. Unauthorized use, editing, recreation, public broadcasting, appropriation, dissemination, publishing, public unveiling, reverse engineering, decoding, or reverse translation are all prohibited. If members wish to cite or reproduce the software, programs, or website content listed above, they must obtain documented legal authorization from SUPERACE or stakeholders. Respecting intellectual property is the obligation of members and SUPERACE will seek payment for damages from violating members (includes but is not limited to litigation and legal counsel fees).

    The member agrees, under the principle of respecting the intellectual property of others, to abstain from activities that violate the intellectual property rights of others when using the services of SUPERACE. SUPERACE may terminate all or a portion of services, or terminate member accounts if they have been confirmed as violators involving infringement.

  4. Refuse or Terminate Membership
    The member agrees that SUPERACE may terminate the member’s password, account (and any portion) or the use of this service (and any portion), or remove and delete any “member content” within the service in consideration to maintaining transaction security or any reason including but not limited to lack of use or violation of the express provisions and spirit of this Terms of Use. Furthermore, the member agrees that SUPERACE is not liable to the member or any third party in the termination of this service (and any portion).




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