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Sean Wang is the CEO of Amnet, under the media corporation Dentsu Aegist Network. He used to operate a street stand and being chased after cops. Maybe that’s the start of his running life. Last November, he wss the pacemaker of SUPERACE Star Marathon Race, and one of the brightest stars in the event.


The Start


Sean has done finished the famed six world marathon majors. Except for his first one, Tokyo Marathon, other races are all done within 3 hours. “Are you so good at running by nature? Or have you done any tough training?” Many people wonder. But no, he says. He was just an ordinary person who had no running habit at first.

Sean had his first marathon more like an accident. His EMBA classmate asked him to go together. He in the end paid for not having regular training. He put in every bit of his energy and strength in order to finish the race, and get so exhausted at the end. He even therefore became afraid of running and stayed away from it for quite a long time.

It was then because the rise in weight that made him decided to run again. Meanwhile, he mourned for his mother’s pass away. He determined to transit his emotion by running. With the help of his new wearable device given by a friend, he started his regular training, 3 times a week, and never stops afterward.



Tokyo Marathon the Accidental


To be precise, Taroko Marathon should be Sean’s real first marathon, instead of Tokyo Marathon. However, because of an earthquake, his full marathon race was forced to shorten to half, and turned the Tokyo Marathon into his first full marathon. But again, that was kind of an accident to him as well. He simply made a draw following his friend without expecting to be the lucky one, but he was! Since the Tokyo Marathon, he got one step after another, being closer and closer to a great runner who finishes the six world marathon majors.



Follow the Accidents and Be King of the 6 Marathon Majors


2014/2/23  Tokyo Marathon  3:20:54

2016/4/18  Boston Marathon  2:57:49

2016/9/25  Berlin Marathon  2:55:49

2017/4/23  London Marathon  2:53:59

2017/10/8  Chicago Marathon  2:53:56

2017/11/5  New York Marathon  2:56:06



Sean didn’t expect to finish all six marathon majors so soon. It was the excitement after Tokyo Marathon that pushed him wanting to attend the Boston Marathon as soon as possible. So he signed up for the 120th Boston Marathon in 2016, focused on trainings for this single race without even attending any other race for the whole year.



His 3rd stop was Berlin Marathon. He didn’t win the draw at first. Luckily there was a released place from a travel agency, so he finished it in the very same year.

London Marathon was during his business trip. He was quite open with the drawing result at first. However, the stimulation of his runner’s mind kept pushing till he attended in the name of funding. At last, he donated the amount he got to the Autism Children Social Welfare Foundation and the Childhood Cancer Foundation.


Suggestions for Beginners


“You need good moral record, good luck and good ability to attend the six world marathon majors.” Sean said. Beginners can start from Tokyo Marathon, which has its custom and culture closer to Taiwan, and the cost is relatively bearable; then is the Berlin Marathon, while the time difference is smaller and the weather is more stable.





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