“Design is for Solving Problems.”

Creating a New Sports Brand Idea for the Era


Chia Chia Cheng graduated from the well-known design academy Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy, and is now the designer and brand executive of SUPERACE.




Under her young outlook is more than 10 years of rich experiences in Taiwan Clothing Industry. In the age of 30, she received the Best Art and Design Award in Golden Bell Awards, an annual Taiwanese television production award presented by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development. That is the first peak of her life, which also present her great passion and profession in clothing and design.


2015 June, Chia Chia enter the team of Kevin Lin, taking the responsibility of branding and product development.



Q: What Get You Go on the Way of SUPERACE Branding?

I met Kevin years ago. From what I saw on TV, I thought he’s a man who’s good at running, and that’s it. But after some long talk, I found the same goal between. We talked about him opinions about the sports industry, and land of Taiwan to his dream of creating a Taiwan brand. His goal was not simply having a brand for athletes, but beyond that, be the best for everyone: holding races which create fabulous experiences, applying high-quality materials and creating top-notch gears and apparels for runners; meanwhile, he also wished to get more people understand the precious of water and nature resources, since he had witnessed the barren of the land, and experienced the struggle of having insufficient water when running the Sahara Desert.

Of all his high hope, most importantly, is letting the world see the great technique and ability of Taiwan!

I was touched. By then, I realized, it was same dream of mine. So I determined to join Kevin’s team, to fight together!



Q: What was the Biggest Challenge for You when Transferring from Fashion Design to Sportswear Design?

Choosing sportswear is more purposefully, which is different from picking fashion clothing. Making the best use of performance materials is greatest challenge for me in this field.

So in the progress of clothing R&D, I try out myself to experience the performance, extend of comfort, the convenience in use and other aspects, then adjust the design repetitively in pursue of the best results for users.




Fashion and style are the most important elements in fashionwear, which is what I was more familiar with in previous experiences. And now in the field of sportswear, we offer professional suggestions in materials and usage; meanwhile, we integrate styles into designs. This is a big challenge that brings great accomplishment when the pieces or work are liked by users.




Q: What is the differentiation in SUPERACE sportswear design?

“Design is for solving problems.” I’ve always kept that in mind.

We think as athletes, and consider how we can bring them better convenience and enhance their performance during exercise. I have frequent discussions with Kevin Lin, a heavy user himself, and combine his ideas into details of designs, such as reverse pockets, T-bar elastic-band, etc.



Q: The Direction of the 18SS New Season Products Seems to be Quite Different from the Previous Ones. What’s the Concept and Expectation Inside?

In our new season series, I try to break the boundary between sportswear and leisurewear. By applying the kind of fabric with both sweat-wicking and cooling performance, and cotton-touch feature, I’m really looking forward to bring up a brand new lifestyle, a perfect combination of sports profession and style.



Q: Where are You Leading SUPERACE for New Challenges Afterward? Can You Give Us a Hint?

Luckily, I have a team of passionate partners on the way of branding and making the dream real!

SUPERACE wishes to bring both races and products of good quality to runners not only in Taiwan, but around the world!







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