Candy Wang tooks photos with camels in the Wulan Buhe Desert in excitement.


Many do not know that supermodel Candy Wang and Ultramarathon athlete Kevin Lin are good friends. They met through jogging, and she learnt about the special sport - Marathon. She has participated in the SUPERACE ultramarathon Angkor Wat organised by Kevin. Candy, who loves to face new challenges, will take yet another challenge - the SUPERACE Inner Mongolia Ultramarathon with 111km in 3 days. The race will require to carry luggages, food, first-aid items and all kinds of equipment on foot. On top of overcoming the physical burden, the server desert climate with a high temperature, sandstorms, and a huge day-night temperature difference.


Candy takes up the challenge also for the social cause of global water resource shortage. Imagine in the dry desert terrain without water, bearing a weight of a few kilos, with all the weight applied on the bear feet, with each step deep in the sand. Even if we know where we are running towards, it is still very difficult to lift the feet. Hot and exhausting, to face piles after piles of dancing sand. To deeply experience the hardship of children in countries with a water shortage, walking kilometers everyday to find drinkable water source.


Kevin Lin (left 2) the world-famed ultra runner, the super modle, Candy Wang (right 3), and other ultra runners took a photo before the race.

“I want to run with my feet to environments on Earth where I have never been to. That’s why I have registered for the SUPERACE Inner Mongolia Ultramarathon, to challenge myself. I also run for the social cause of global water shortage. I hope to spread the message of endangered water sources to the world.” Candy speaks and travels the world with her feet.


Every day, Candy returned to a tent to rest and to jot notes. In addition to finding out how to promote the endangered water resource, she recalled every little bit of interesting experience in the desert. In day 2 of the race, after a hard time of climbing over a sand dune, she saw a group of camels waiting quietly in distance, just like they have prepared a surprise for the runners. Candy ran immediately to the camels to take a picture, while ultramarathon runners around took pictures of Candy instead of camels. Later, Candy shared on her facebook with a sense of humor, “I said, you runners don’t run properly, what are you doing?”


The most beautiful in the desert is not a camel, but supermodel Candy Wang. Photo provided by SUPERACE

“Perhaps many can’t imagine me to challenge the limits. That’s why I took the challenge to let people understand, how capable I am.” The usually sharp and beautiful Candy on the TV screen, took a 3 months’ running training before this desert challenge. She thought she was well-prepared mentally and physically; but she was tested by the frequent changes and impermanence of the desert with her very first step on it. She might look delicate and weak, but she did not give up due to difficult terrain and the hot climate. Instead, she faced the sandstorms, going 1 step forward and 3 steps backward, finding the way to move forward courageously. She found her truest self within this challenge.


SUPERACE Ultramarathon, Taiwan

The 2019 Marathon will be held in Pingtung, Taiwan. Candy Wang, who has participated in SUPERACE Angkor Wat and Inner Mongolia, told that she is looking forward to the new route planning in the Taiwan race. She thinks that mountains and terrains in Taiwan are as beautiful as foreign scenery. Additionally, there is a sense of familiarity. This makes the experienced Candy can’t wait to share her inner thoughts with everyone.

The injured feet after the marathon. Source: Candy Wang’s facebook.


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