I’ve attended the SUPERACE ultramarathon for several time, including the Taiwan station for twice and Xinjian station for once. These experiences enhance my faith to face the upcoming race of international scale.


The 4 Deserts Race Series – Namibia

This April, I challenged one of the 4 Desert Race Series in Sahara Desert in Namibia with other runners from more than 40 countries.

“Aren’t you afraid? “Some asked.

“Of course!”

The brave ones are not those who have no fear. They are the ones who insist to go forward even fears! After this journey, I will be even braver I believe.


Just Say Yes to the Real Self

I used to doubt, how dare I attended the race

without such top performances like Kevin Lin and Tommy Chen?

How dare I be here?

But, if it’s not us, who can it be?

If it’s not now, when should it be?

Maybe what we should think about, is

How can we be the best we can.

There’s no way I can win every game I play.

But I can find my best stage.

There’s no such thing “perfectly-prepared.”

Prepare yourself perfectly only the courage you have.

When you’re ready,

dreams will take off at any point.



Before the Race, the Ultra Runner Kevin Lin Said…



After the SUPERACE Taiwan station this year, I asked Kevin for some advice about the race in Sahara. He said it’ll be a piece of cake while I have rich experiences and much advanced equipment than his time.


Before the Race, My Parents Said…

There’s a value gap between my parents and me. They don’t like me playing extreme sports. However, over-protection might lead children to dependence.

I told my dad that I’m going to study abroad instead of attending the race, and he believed me. Sometimes white lies are necessary.


Before the Race, Talk about the Gears…

It’s until stepping into the running area did I realize ow much gears influence your performance.

There’re millions of running gear brands in the market. Each of them have their own pros and cons. SUPERACE is founded by Kevin Lin, the world-famed ultra runner. Gears designed according to his rich experiences and knowledge fit the needs of runners perfectly.




I chose to wear the SUPERACE’s running jersey this time. Clothing with great sweat-wicking, quick-dry features is a plus for runners especially in the desert when there’s an enormous temperature difference between day and night time.

The front zip helps speed up thermolysis.

And, one more thing… stitching our flag on the sleeve is totally cool! Definitely a good declaration that I’m from Taiwan!



I’ve been wearing this jacket to multipla ultra races already. Light-weight and portable are its biggest adantages. It effectively keeps warm while gaining little weight in burden.



I brought also the SUPERACE compression tights with me this time as well to reduce muscle pain and last my power. Totally necessary in long-distance races like this!


80k Ultramarathon in Sahara, Starting Off!


It’s ganna be a tough day! 80k crossing the oldest desert. I’d never ran this long within one day before in my life. Excited though, my fear had already surpass my excitement.

“Maybe my legs will breakdown on the way.” I thought. But while I’d already been here, I wouldn’t look back. Just try my best and finish the race, no matter what.



Huge Temperature Difference

There’s huge temperature difference in deserts. When the night comes, temperature drops dramatically; when the sun slowly rises, it approaches 40 ℃ after no long.

We started off one hour earlier today, which was a good thing, because we could have one less hour of exposure under the terrible sun. It was cold in the morning, so I put on my jacket. However, this was proved to be a bad decision after a while when the sun got out and the temperature raised. Then I really had to take it off again without any choices when others keep passing me. But this is one of the lessons runners have to learn: to assess the status of environment and your body, then make the best choice accordingly.


The Unprecedented Struggle and Sensation

I had a guess on my ranking before the race, but who knows what exactly will happen.

I figured out there were blisters growing on my feet, but I had no choice but to keep going on.

When the sun dropped gradually below the horizon, it was the best period of time to run. I kept chasing.

Suddenly, a huge flock of shadow rushed out…springbok!!! They energetically jump and spring in front of the sunset. What a beautiful scene!

“Every single practice is for a perfect landing perhaps only once in a life time. That enough.” Maybe that’s the message they were delivering.

I put my sunglasses away and get ready for the most difficult part. Runners all took out the head lights, and get prepared for the long night across the desert. This remind me of the lonely night 4 years ago when I carried the Sam Prince and walked along the high way. No one, no light. Once in a while, there were car lights flashed away from behind.

I kept running with nothing in my head. I started to missed my home. There were not a single person here in the middle of this desert except for me, a youngster from Taiwan. Guess this was the first time feeling so desperate when running. No matter how much dried meat and nuts I ate, my body was so exhausted; the music in my mp3 had played for thousands of time already, but I can hardly see the ending of the course.

I raised my head. Thousands of millions of stars were shining above my head.


Competitors and Comrades

“Think about why you’re here when you’re thinking about giving up.”

I’d spend tons of time and penny to come here for this race I’d dreamed for a long time. How can I give up?

“I’ll insist to the end even if the blisters turn into bloody flesh.” I determined.


When I was stroke by thought during the struggle, a red flashlight far away broke the silence in the dark and got me back to reality. I got closer and took a look. That was a Australian female runner.

“She was pretty fast earlier. She should already arrived the check point. How come she’s still here? “I thought. “Probably her legs breakdown. “And I was right.

“Are you alright?” I asked her.

I gave her some dried meat, but she rejected. Come on! It’s the tasty dried meat from Taiwan! I ate some myself. She told me to go first.

“Are you sure?” I returned to her after going forward but heard her crying.

“No problem. See you there.”




Resting Day After the 80k


The 5th day is the resting day, following the 80k ling day yesterday. I decided to have some good chats with other runners and make friends.

And also deal with my blisters!


Set off Again. Keep Fighting!


Let’s keep fighting after a great resting day!

Actually 90% of my foot nails had fallen. I fixed them and kept going. The blisters were also torutreing me. Thanks to the supports from all of my friends and supportors, so I can insist to the end!

I took off my shoes and kept going.

What are you looking for? My friends ask.

We people are like a tiny boat in the big ocean.

We should set up a goal and go forward diligently till we get old.

We might not be perfect and rich,

but be sure to be the best we can.

By the time, don’t sigh.

Though many beauty and eager have been lingering.

We haven’t gave up chasing with the greatest passion and love.

For that we cherish and satisfy.


Insist for One More Minute, and the World will be Yours

5 May was a special day. If I could insist to complete the day, the last 10k, then I would be the finisher of my very first station of the 4 Deserts Race Series.

“No rush. I’m going to appreciate the great scenery of the last mile with the Taiwan flag in hand.” I planned.

When I was approaching the destination, the staff took away my chip and told me to keep running. The finish line was just there, right in front of me. The cheering grew louder. Last 50k, 30k, 10k… run!!


My ranking was 30, much better than what I expected!


Turn Impossible into Possible

It was in my junior high when I know Kevin Lin, when he finished the very first desert ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert of human being.

I told my classmates natively and fearlessly, “I’m running the Sahara as well someday in the future!”









Now I’m 26. If I don’t do it now, I might lose the chance forever.

2 years ago, I regain my passion toward running. I train myself from marathon to ultramarathon. I was told by many that it is way too dangerous; I was also told that changing too much gives no good to me. But if I wanna live up the color of my life, I have to try, even though there’s the possibility of falling.


“Take Out Your Courage When You Wanna Escape.”


When I got back to my hotel room, I could hardly sleep after back from the wild to the civilization.

Popping up of piles of LINE messages reminds me of the end of the race.


Nothing is Impossible if You Insist

I’d talked to W, one of my best friends, for a long time. She said,

“Insistence is pretty important. But also don’t lose your right to give up. Because only when you cherish your life, than you’re able protect the ones you love. When you have to give up, don’t be afraid.”

Giving up has always been familiar to me. I gave up on joining the track team, gave up on study by playing games, gave up on socializing for study, and gave up on following the reality for chasing my dreams….

I’ve gave up on millions of things already. Luckily, I have the chance to try and retry. The best time is always now.

From the moment on, I did things I’ve never try before: hiking, auto racing, running, walking around Taiwan…. From the journeys did I learn; from the sceneries have I loved. In this one direction do I pay my greatest effort. Nothing happens by nature. Only with diligence and humble do I face the unknown of future.




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